We wanted to take the opportunity to tell you a bit about ourselves…

Well, to begin with, Stars99 jokingly refers to herself as “just a hot ball of gas who occasionally writes stuff.” It might be wise to refrain from lighting a match around her… Just sayin’….


After getting bored to death after years of writing mundane contracts, procurement documents, strategic plans, and grant proposals – Stars99 decided to go in a completely different direction. Thus, her snarky self started writing pure entertainment fluff for an entertainment website.


However, she soon discovered she wanted to write about more than just Bravo shows. After all – There are so many ludicrous things happening right now to snark about – So why limit her fickle finger of snark and sarcasm to just reality TV? 


Thus, the concept for “Snacking and Snarking” was born – ‘Cuz you can’t snark on an empty stomach…lol.  This website has been an adventure many months in the making. Because she’s such a maniac, Stars99 decided to cut her teeth in web designing with the creation of this site. Silly, silly her… lol.


When she began this process, Stars99 didn’t know a widget from a LayerSlider. She’s still learning more and more every day and will add kewl stuff as she discovers it. Hopefully, you’ll find something that you find mildly amusing. Obviously, content will be continually added and the site will expand as we snarkily move forward. We hope you join us!


Stars99 is so thankful for Mr. Stars99 who has valiantly traveled on this journey with her. They just celebrated 10 years of being together and his love melts her heart. His support has been steadfast for this website from the very beginning. He does, however, deserve hazard pay. And chocolate. The man deserves some chocolate. Well, actually – He’d prolly prefer some jambalaya. The man deserves some jambalaya. Stars99 will keep the chocolate. #WinWin


Stars99 is also forever grateful to Veena, LynnFam (We miss you, Lynn!), and to that wonderful online community for offering her the opportunity to spread her inexperienced entertainment writing wings. Empress, Tartsy, Bill, Orson, Mel, Q, and Robin – Your support and advice have been so valuable and appreciated. And to all of you who volunteered to proof, test, and provide feedback about the site in recent days… How could this have happened without you? It just wouldn’t have… Thank you SO much!


Stars99 would also like to extend her thanks to some of her awesome friends who especially encouraged her throughout this process: Joyce, CastleGirl, Scott, Lynn, Katrina, GlaLeeLah and Kathy. She would also like to thank Jack, Lissette, Gary and Sandra for being such amazing examples of kindness and love.


And thanks to YOU for even reading this much. And now, as Bugs Bunny would say… “On With The Show – THIS IS IT!”

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  2. Who’s that “Bill” guy you’re referring to? Probably not me…. probably some other Bill. “Slip slidin away…. slip slidin away…. you know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip slidin away.” I’m like the guy hanging onto a cliff, looking up at the person who could lend a hand and pull me up back over the edge…. and what do they do? They start singing that song and give a salute. Oh well…. no hard feelings…. I think its high tide, so the rocks at the bottom of the cliff will be a few feet under water. Odds are, I’ll survive. Oh…. by the way…. if I AM that Bill…. two boxes of chocolate are on order, with your name on them! ((smiles sweetly))

  3. almost two years since this site took flight and what an adventure it is turning out to be – just wanted to pop in and say hello and to say how proud I am of you – you are a beautiful light in this sometimes scary world and this – your little corner of that world is many things, all of them good – a smile can be found here, a laugh that goes on and carries you through the day can be found here – but most of all, dear one, YOU can be found here – thank you for this place, but most of all thank you for giving all of us who gather here a small part of your corner to hold in our hearts as we greet each day – love you mucho!! *hugs Stars really hard*

    • Awww… Hugs ya back, Shammy. Yeah, in June it will be 2 years… it’s hard to believe – so much has happened… some good, some not so good. But we have to take the good with the bad, as they say. It will be interesting to see what chapters are still going to be written. I should be working more diligently on the book… I got sidetracked… I hope your life is full of fun surprises in your next chapter, my friend! Thanks so much for your encouragement. It means so much to me. ??????

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