This is a place where I will feature new or fun websites that I find or that are recommended to me. As more and more sites get added, they will be appropriately categorized so it’s a useful resource for all of us. Hope you enjoy!

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I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Spirograph – but this is an online version of it. You choose 2 different wheels and a pen color and around and around we go! It’s really quite awesome! I totally love it.. You can be so creative with it. My Mom used to create her own Sprirgraph stationary – she was THAT good at it. But then again… She was one of the most artistic people I’ve ever met. Mr. Stars99 knows all the kewl sites, no? lol

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What could be more fun than reviewing theme parks from around the world? Not much… And this site is filled with useful information… I think we’re all in the wrong line of work, no?  I love it… Thanks, Tony!

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Mr. Stars99 who is a walking Wikipedia, suggested this site as a great resource for all of your comic book needs. It has a lot of information on it – Plus, you can buy stuff… Not that he would know that from personal experience or anything… Allegedly…

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It has been so much fun watching baby panda Bao Bao grow up right in front of our faces. Bao Bao has amused way more than I should admit. It’s fascinating to watch the interaction between Mother and cub… How can you resist an adorable panda cub? Well… Bao Bao’s not so little anymore…

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This is a game I played for the first time in an online competition a while ago. It is just so silly that it’s hilarious. But give me a rainbow and a unicorn and I’m all-in. My unicorn keeps hitting the side of the mountain, though. It’s really quite sad.

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I love this site to make customized jigsaw puzzles. It’s hilarious to create one of a picture of a gift – and then make the person you’re giving it to solve the puzzle to know what the gift is… But I’m just silly like that… lol.

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I totally respect Martin Luther and the tough stands he had the courage to take against great opposition. However, he was very colorful in his words – And someone hilariously compiled the actual words of Luther and categorizes them as “insults.” You can keep pressing “insult me again” to get another insult from the very pen of Luther. The site credits the exact origin of the insult and you can even get more info, if you’re so included.  Seriously, hilarious…

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I really love this site – The pictures on it are great and there are so many interesting articles. I guess I probably access this site when I’m bored… lol.

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My friend CastleGirl showed me this site – It’s an interesting montage of pictures of objects that are organized ummm… neatly…lol. I can only aspire to be this organized… lol. It’s really strangely soothing… Although I confess I have a little anxiety anticipating what would happen if something was such a smidge out of place… But then again, I guess it wouldn’t make this list, right? Lol.

Newsy or Interesting Sites

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I love this site – I use it to access compelling news and intriguingly eclectic stories. It’s like they do the work for me – Since they have a team scanning the web for the most interesting and relevant stories. The blurb from their website says: “Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now.” Digg now provides the most relevant and compelling content to millions of users a month. Using proprietary data sources and a crack editorial team, we cut through the clutter of the Internet and make sense of the noise so you don’t have to. Digg has everything you’ll see later, now.

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This is such a great site – It gives both useful and useless trivia and I love it. Where else could you find useful posts like, “How Do You Punctuate Around Emoticons and Emoji?” or “If You Can’t Smoke On Planes, Why Are There Still Ashtrays?” I just love this stuff.

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This site shows all the earthquake activity on the planet. It’s updated instantly and can be modified to show as little or as much as you want. Living in Southern California, this is really an awesome site of useful information. My brother suggested this great site to me.

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This is such a wonderful site that combines unique photographs of interesting New Yorkers with their quotes. New York is such an amazing and a diverse place to live. Thanks for your suggestion, Mary!

Shopping Websites

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I have been shopping at this site for years. I often get gifts here because of the quality of the products and they’re rock solid on the timing of their deliveries. Their wrapping is really lovely. I just love the smell of the “Gardener’s Collection” and everyone I’ve given it to loves it, too.  Again, these items are a little higher in price – but they often have really great sales.

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Okay, I’m not saying that I have any “geeks” in my life… Or that I may or may not be one myself – But if I did and if I were – This would be one of my go-to places to shop for creative things for my favorite “geek.”

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I am a candle girl – I love candles of all kinds. However, at times, I can be a candle snob. I admit it. I own it. These are my favorite candles – But they are not for the faint of heart because they are highly scented. My favorite scent is cinnamon vanilla – It’s heavenly. I really love to give candles to people for their birthdays – It just seems like the festive thing to do, no? They’re expensive – But they’re worth every penny to me. I almost panicked a few months ago when I thought they were retiring my favorite scent… lol. Nope… They were just out of stock. I guess others love that scent, too…lol!

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I have a friend who is an avid animal and bird lover. He suggested this online site as a place for really great pet supplies. He loves his animals more anything and would rather go without stuff for himself than to get inferior products for his pets.

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Mr. Stars99 loves these shoes. He has 2 different pairs of Green Lantern and 2 different pairs of Justice League shoes. He gets so many compliments on them every time he wears them. Seth Green even stopped him at Comic Con one year just to take a picture of his shoes… lol.

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    • I’m so glad you liked them.. I will be adding more and more as we go… Do you have any that you would recommend? I think as this section grows it could be a good resource… I’m hoping to appropriately categorize everything, etc – so it’s easy to navigate.

  2. I am liking NJ alot this season, so far! Glad the twins and Amber are not on the show.
    Also, I liked the blog you wrote, and agree with you on the points you made.
    I love the elephant video! And the page of cool websites too! Really interesting additions IMHO.

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