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Remember Last Week… While Ramona is confused regarding her feelings about Mario wanting to get back together, she also seems to be enjoying dating again. She brings a guy named “Michael” to Dorinda’s birthday dinner. Heather killed her chances of ever selling “Yummie” shapewear in K-Mart stores when she snottily asked Sonja if that’s where…

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Remember Last Week… Ramona continued her birthday celebration by hosting a luncheon. Some of the invitees had so much plastic surgery and work done that Bethenny told us they looked like they belonged at the Star Wars Cantina. I think she just wants another excuse to serve Skinny Girl margaritas, no? Bethenny met with her…

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Note: We were a house divided again tonight – The Chicago Blackhawks are playing the Anaheim Ducks in the Stanly Cup playoffs… Mr. Stars99 grew up in Chicago and we live in Orange County… We generally root for Chicago teams until they play Orange County teams… Even in baseball I will generally root for the…

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Remember Last Week… Sonja unsuccessfully tries to explain to Bethenny that she is a “Luxury Fashion Lifestyle Brand” which meant absolutely nothing to Bethenny. So Bethenny whipped out her handy dandy Rosetta Stone to help translate fuzzy delusional thinking into succinct concepts and concluded Sonja must have meant “Accessible Luxury.” Bethenny’s reward was to receive…

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Remember Last Week… In a lame high school attempt of playing “Who Do You Like Better?” Ramona tried to make the women pledge their undying loyalty during BrunchGate 2015™®©… Unfortunately for Ramona, the women staying with LuAnn (Kristen, Heather and Carole) chose to attend both brunches but first went to Bethenny’s. They wanted to see…

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Remember Last Week… LuAnn had a fireside sale of her old Hampton’s home… Everything must go! You can take a door knob and a faucet if you like since the house will be torn down. The Countess is now slumming it in Sag Harbor where is somehow beneath Sonja’s pretentious sensibilities. And under the title…

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