This Week’s Featured TV Quote(s)

“Lord, forgive me for the lie I just told.”

Todd, Chrisley Knows Best

“There’s a saying — ‘The devil is at his strongest while we’re looking the other way.’ Like a program running in the background silently. While we’re busy doing other shit. ‘Daemons,’ they call them. They perform action without user interaction. Monitoring, logging, notifications, primal urges, repressed memories, unconscious habits. They’re always there, always active. You can try to be right, you can try to be good, you can try to make a difference. But it’s all bullshit. ‘Cause intentions are irrelevant. They don’t drive us, daemons do. And me? I’ve got more than most.”

Elliott, Mr. Robot


“Those people in there. I just told them what they wanted to hear. You’re not gonna do it, are you? Change the world. Figures. You were only born a month ago. You’re afraid. Afraid of your monster. Do you even know what it is?”

Angela, Mr. Robot


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Thanks to FX and for some of the Justified quotes.

Thanks to CBS and for some of the Big Bang Theory quotes, The Blacklist quotes, and the NCIS quotes..

Thanks to USA Network for the Chrisley Knows Best and Suits quotes.


  1. Oh I love Red and his quotes, I watch The Blacklist religiously. I would watch Chrisly Knows Best if I ever get the schedule and channel straight that is a dunny show.

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