‘Cuz It’s Hard to Snark on an Empty Stomach 


We ALL see lots of recipes on the internet… The pictures look great – but how do you know if it actually tastes good unless you try it? I have friends who post up to 20 recipes a day… Whoa….


Mr. Stars99 has become quite the chef and he enjoys it so much! His Mom is SHOCKED that he knows so much about cooking…lol… He only recently found out how much he enjoys it. He really loves to test out new things all the time. I’m somewhat less of a culinary risk-taker.


We will use this “Snack Attack” portion of the website to share some of our favorite recipes with you. We hope you will share your favorites with us as time goes on, too – We would LOVE to test them out as well… We will also be taste testing some prepackaged treats so we can decide if we ever want to eat them again… lol…Guest chef(s) may also make appearances – but in keeping with the purpose of this site – The posted pictures will be of the what WE create – Not the stock photos of the items.